AynFaa Nagarmotha

AynFaa Nagarmotha attar is extracted from root tuber of Cyperus rotundus by hydro steam distillation process. It is commonly called as Nagarmotha, Cyperus, Nut Grass, Mustak, Motha and Nagaramattea. It is a perennial, conical-shaped grass which is evergreen with solid green foliage, small flowers and round brown-grey cones that contain seed nuts inside. It is native to Africa, central Europe and southern Asia. Nagarmotha attar is a greenish yellow liquid.

It has woody, mild spicy and refreshing fragrance. This extracted natural perfume oil is hundred percent pure, natural, organic, undiluted and therapeutic grade.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Nagarmotha Oil

2.5 Grams in Glass Bottle Retail Pack
100 Grams in Aluminium Bottle Bulk Pack

Terms & Conditions
Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ):
For Retail Pack 4 Pieces and For Bulk Pack 1 Piece
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Bank Transfer (T/T), Western Union
Shipping Carriers: EMS / DHL / FedEx / SCS
Dispatch Time: Within 2 to 4 working days after received of the payment

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