Agarwood Chips

AynFaa Agarwood Chips are manufactured from well matured heartwood of Agarwood (Aquilaria agallocha) trees. Agarwood, also known as aoud, oud or aloeswood. It is native to various parts of Southeast Asia, including Bangladesh.

We only use the highest-quality resinous sections of agarwood to make these chips and rest is keep for making oil. We do not make different grades of agarwood chips; we have only one grade agarwood chips; because we use only the highest quality wood to make these chips.

These highest quality natural agarwood chips are widely used as incense. It has oriental-woody and very soft fruity-floral complex smell.

3 Grams in Clear Plastic Flyer Bag
100 Grams in Carton Box
500 Grams in Carton Box

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