Ginger Lily Roots

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Ingredients: Pure Bangladeshi Ginger Lily Roots Oil.

Olfactory: Fresh, Woody, Warm, Spicy

Appearance: Pale Yellow

Viscosity: Thin

1 Gram in Roll-on Glass Bottle
5 Grams in Roll-on Glass Bottle

AynFaa Ginger Lily Roots is extracted from rhizome of Bangladeshi Hedychium spicatum by hydro-steam distillation process. It is also commonly known as spiked ginger lily, perfume ginger, sandharlika or kapur kachri. Ginger Lily is a small, hardy perennial that grows to around one meter with green leaves and large orange and white flowers. It is native to South and Southeast Asia.

Ginger Lily Roots oil is pale yellow thin liquid. It has fresh, warm, woody and spicy odor with a hint of cinnamon masculine aroma. Ginger Lily Roots oil is extensively used in aromatherapy, natural perfumery and traditional medicine.

AynFaa Ginger Lily Roots is an essential oil perfume (attar/ittar/essence) that hundred percent pure, natural, organic, undiluted and therapeutic grade.


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