Agarwood Oil

Agarwood Oil

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2.5 Grams in Roll-on Glass Bottle
25 Grams in Amber Glass Bottle
100 Grams in Aluminium Bottle
500 Grams in Aluminium Bottle

This Agarwood oil is hundred percent pure and produced from naturally infected organic agarwood trees. This oil is produced in Bangladesh which is the main region for production and supply of agarwood oil from ancient time.  That time the Aoud was called Aoud al Hindi and Bangladesh was a part of India (the Hindi). There are several species of agarwood trees are available now but this oil is produced from main agarwood species the Aquilaria agallocha. And the agarwood has some other common names like Aguru, Aloeswood, Gaharu, Jinkhu, Ood, Oud and Oudh.

The main characteristic of this oil is the authentic agarwood aroma. Usually the aroma of an agarwood oil changes after distillation but our master distiller know how to keep the smell as like as raw incense grade agarwood. This oil is exceptionally deep and rich; it has fully soft woody notes and earthy tones.

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